A Wearable for Support, Encouragement and Love

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Technology with Heart

We believe encouragement uplifts spirits and love has the power to heal. That’s why we created the CaringBand Bracelet and App – to help people send encouragement, support and love to those in need. And to send it easily, often and without any extra burden to the wearer. It’s what we call Technology with Heart.

CaringBand is

Love in Real-TimeLove in Real-Time

When you receive a notification on your CaringBand Bracelet, it means someone is thinking about you at that very moment.

Selfless one-way communicationSelfless Communication

Unlike other forms of communication, the receiver doesn't have to worry about responding back or feel guilty when they don't.

More EncouragementMore Encouragement

CaringBand is not meant to replace personalized interactions but is an alternative that allows more people to reach out more often.

A Safe Platform for AllA Safe Platform for All

The option to receive only pre-set messages prevents others from saying the wrong thing, or worse, hateful misuse. Another option is to only receive messages from people you choose.


Think love. Send love. Feel loved.

The CaringBand Bracelet and App were created to give people the power to lift others up as often as they cross their mind.

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