Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a smartphone to use CaringBand?
Yes, you need a smartphone to use both the CaringBand app and CaringBand bracelet. The CaringBand app works with most Andriod and iOS models released since 2013.
Can I use CaringBand without the bracelet?
Yes, you are able to send and received encouraging message with the CaringBand app without the bracelet. The bracelet simply enhances the experience by providing a physical and visual real-time alert that a new message has been received.
Is the CaringBand app available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores?
Yes, the CaringBand app is available on both platforms.
Does it cost anything to download the CaringBand mobile app?
Nope, the CaringBand app is completely FREE!
Is CaringBand compatible with smartwatches like the Apple Watch?
Yes, it is indeed! We don’t care how the encouragement gets there, just so long as it does!
Can anyone send me encouragement on CaringBand?
As long as the default setting are enabled, anyone can see your profile and send you encouragement. On the flip side, you can set your privacy settings so that only certain people can send messages.
Why can’t I send a custom message on CaringBand?
At this time, you can only send pre-set messages on CaringBand. This is to prevent hateful misuse or unintentionally saying the wrong thing. We want to ensure that CaringBand is a 100% positive experience for those needing encouragement.