About CaringBand

The CaringBand team is on a mission to encourage those battling life-threatening illnesses. CaringBand allows loved ones to send real time notifications through an easy-to-use mobile app. The app activates the CaringBand bracelet, lighting up beautiful LEDs while delivering a reassuring pulse on the wrist. If you have a loved one that is undergoing treatment for a challenging illness, consider using CaringBand to let them know that you’re with them in thought and spirit, even when you can’t be there to hold their hand.

The CaringBand Bracelet


Unlike other wearables and social media platforms that do many things, CaringBand is meant to do only one thing - bring joy to those going through difficult times by providing friends, loved ones, and even strangers, a simple way to send love. The free app enables users to easily send encouragement to someone wearing the CaringBand bracelet. The encouragement is felt as a pulse vibration when the bracelet lights up, letting the wearer know someone is sending love their way.

The CaringBand App

App Summary

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When you give someone a CaringBand Bracelet, you are really giving them encouragement and love. With each encouraging message received, their CaringBand bracelet will pulse and light up, allowing them to literally see and feel the love.

The CaringBand bracelet utilizes a rechargeable lithium battery capable of lasting up to several weeks. It is recharged by a charging port we designed specifically for the CaringBand bracelet.

It's that simple: Think love. Send love. Feel loved.